Won’t you help us spread the Lifeguard Your Child message?

We’ve put together the below social media kit for easy sharing among your friends and family. It takes a village and together, we can help prevent another child from drowning.

Please feel free to use our messaging or create your own. To use our messaging, all you have to do is copy the messages we’ve provided below and insert the appropriate photo into whichever social media site you prefer to use. We do ask that you keep #LifeguardYourChild in the message.

Water safety messages to share with families:

Water safety messages to share with kids:

Water safety messages to share on social media:

Check the Label

If the lifejacket doesn’t say “US Coast Guard Approved” or “USCG approved,” you can assume it’s not safe. Always check the label. #lifeguardyourchild

Most Important Thing

The single most important thing when it comes to open water safety is a life vest. #lifeguardyourchild

Drowning is silent

Drownings can happen in less than two minutes AND with many people around. #lifeguardyourchild

Water Watcher

Ensure constant, in-reach supervision anytime your child is around water. No distractions. #lifeguardyourchild


When it comes to drowning, seconds count. #lifeguardyourchild

Life Vest Label

If a life jacket doesn’t say “US Coast Guard Approved” or “USCG approved” on the label, you can assume it’s NOT safe. #lifeguardyourchild

Family swim lessons

Drownings are eight times more likely to happen to children that do not know how to swim or are being supervised by adults that do not know how to swim. #lifeguardyourchild

Strong swimmers can drown

Swimming lessons are just one layer of protection and do not guarantee safety. Always designate a Water Watcher around water. #lifeguardyourchild

Bath time safety messages to share:

Bath time bonding

Bath toys like foam letters, animals that shoot water and waterproof books are a great way to make bathtub more fun and teach your child new things at the same time! #lifeguardyourchild

Avoid multi-tasking

Bath time is not the time to wash dishes, fold laundry or even take a phone call. If you do have to leave during bath time, wrap your child in a towel and take them with you. #lifeguardyourchild

Be prepared

Keep a towel and bath supplies close at hand so you don’t have to leave once your child is in the bathtub. #lifeguardyourchild

Bathtub drownings

Drowning is fast and silent and only takes enough water to cover a child’s nose and mouth. #lifeguardyourchild

Safe proof bathroom

Safety devices like faucet covers can keep your child safe from drowning when you’re not around. #lifeguardyourchild

Open water safety messages to share:

Toe in, vest on

Whether it’s on your boat and/or lake house or a friends, make sure there is a safety plan in place before your child gets anywhere near the water. #lifeguardyourchild

Life vest safety

Most fatal drownings in natural water are non-boating related. While it’s important to wear a life vest in the boat, wearing one in and around the water is even more important. #lifeguardyourchild

Open water drownings

From clear to murky and calm to rough, it’s important to know the condition of the water before getting in. #lifeguardyourchild

Open water drownings

Open water drowning rates triple for teens when they turn 15, as they are more likely to take risks. #lifeguardyourchild

Pool safety messages to share:

Check pool

Drowning is silent and can happen in less than two minutes. #lifeguardyourchild

Clean-up time

Cleaning up after pool time can be chaotic. Take your child’s life vest off once you’ve reached the car. #lifeguardyourchild

Avoid distractions

No phone, grilling, reading, sleeping or being distracted by friends. Eyes should only be on the water. #lifeguardyourchild

Pool barriers

Children are curious and can often slip out of sight without a parent or guardian knowing. The more barriers you have in place, such as door and pool latches, the safer your child. #lifeguardyourchild

No floaties

Commonly used floaties are not a lifesaving device. Use a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest instead. #lifeguardyourchild

Stay off phone

When watching children in the water, the only reason you need your phone is if you have to call 911. #lifeguardyourchild

Pool drains

The power of the suction on older pool drains can be very dangerous, causing a child to get pinned to the bottom of the pool. #lifeguardyourchild

Clean up toys

Toys in the pool can be tempting to fearless toddlers. When you’re done swimming, make sure the pool area is clear of these potential hazards. #lifeguardyourchild

Get involved and help us save lives

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