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when i just clicked on the mcpack, it installed it for me. Although it looks beautiful, it will have a little card. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. NICE! It works for the original Xbox one since this release, 雨天時にも太陽が表示される問題を修正 They either look really bad or lag horribly and freeze or both, so I don’t use them. And the ground will reappear! Moron. i allready try to change it on archives, but i dont have sucess , Add Shadows on leaves and this Will Be the best shader ever. Every couple of updates, they patch a certain code and most shaders stop working. Also, is it compatible with IOS 13.3? But each world is just blank. I have the same problem, were you ever able to fix it? It’s supposed to be heat distortion. This pack is 95% perfect, but can anyone with experience in how shaders work tell me: 1. Plsss its the perfect shader for everyone but the glitch is so annoying plssss remove the glitch effects. that’s bc the size is too small, The texture pack is awesome! Windows 10 btw, Same here, I think it might be the version it’s currently on. Whenever I equip it the whole world turns black but then if I turn fancy graphics off the shader’s work but the leaves look horrible and the water breaks. I hope he at least considers changing the distant loading effect someday in the future if he has time. 月の改良 when i stay still it just has the reflection and no waves… PLEASE fix that this is the best shader pack please i want it better. God I hate numbnuts like you who dont know s**t but respond. It looks really good on the iPad and with another texture pack it makes it look even better. How to install this pack , i use this pack in before the ios update in Iphone 6s its work great but now i doesn’t know how to do it , i renane it to .zip and then unrenane it back , its giving the weird blue looking file , I thought its done but in the game still white out , even the character get white out too , mob also …. Also realistic player base shadow? I tried to activate this to my realm on Win10 but it doesn’t work. the new beta introduce render dragon and on xbox your shader dosen’t work so can you make the shader work with render dragon? Tested on both Android an XboxOne. I believe this was done by Microsoft or Mineplex. i like the new version and the heat efffect that makes things wobbily in the nether, doesnt look too good on lava though, kinda dumb but alright, further love the shaders and love that they run prety good on my pretty bad laptop, keep up the good work <3, I really like this shader but I don’t like the effect of the lava when falling in the distance it looks wavy, I suppose it is a problem with the movement of the leaves, please fix this, I dont think hes going to change it because of one person. VR端末で発生する描写の問題を修正 So now that there is a new method to downloading mods on xbox. this is an old bug that never u fix! Best shader pack I’ve ever used. Can you find a way to make a shader for PS4 that would be amazing!! I’m on xbox and it works perfectly! This shaders is so pretty!! . i will credit it and im not share it to public. Mine keeps Failing. I really want a shader with only changes the water lol, pls fix that weird line thing where the water doesnt align in some areas. Hola, ¿puedo compartir el enlace de este shader en mi blog? since they built in ray-tracing on minecraft and its not a downloadable mod they were able to do more than a mod can do so i dont think it would even be possible to add ray-tracing through a mod, but that might change when ray-tracing actually comes out cause you would be able to look at the coding for it and build in your own shaders. I know it’s possible so please add… , Bro this is legit sick. Maybe its something to do with the pack, but if you find out if this is an issue, then fix it, I would rate it 5 stars , plants and leaves waving are a little glitchy on windows 10. The signs and stuff are a little dark. This pack is beautiful. Nothing shows up. Yeah same, but shaders haven’t worked for me before on iOS 12 either on iPhone 8 Plus. Natural Mystic Shaders is a shaders pack which purpose is to make the familiar world of Minecraft more realistic. A huge two-headed monster has come to your world! It looks like the water has 2fps while the rest of the game runs smoothly but when I first load a world the water transitions smoothly. P.S This shader looks amazing, for PE. THANKS SO MUCH BEST SHADER I HAVE GOTTEN YET!!! I absolutely love the tweaks you’ve made! Every Block is invisible for me, I am on Windows 10. Water bug I tried this pack on my phone, however, and it was beautiful. NOW I DONT HAVE TO HAVE BOTH PACKS NOW! Can you please fix it on fire kindle. I believe this is because you do not have permissions to windows store game folders. I’m also waiting for shaders to work on the Xbox One… I have no information about an upcoming shader that would be available soon, Please add reflective water, water refractions, better fog and glowing ores. If I build something decently tall, the shadows dont apply. I basically use it in every world I own, and it makes everything look sm better. Everything In The Screenshots Look Cool But When I Use It In Game The Whole Ground Is Pure Black! Does not work on realms please fix this. One problem I’m having is ,even without chroma hills, the wavey water & leaves seems to slow down after a few minutes. Highly recommended! This makes all my worlds look so much cooler, thanks! Amazing. I live in Panama so you know.. The mysterious character is back and now stronger than before. It’s literally a deal-breaker that makes the shader incompatible with high render distances, and as far as I can tell it serves no real purpose. I really really love this.. Its so amazing and easy to download!! I dont really have a powerful device to run this smoothly sadly but if you could please make a version with the same color pallete non moving clouds and shadows that would be so cool for low end devices! at least better than SEUS shaders. Awesome job! And the ground will reappear! This is very cool! I hope the author sees my review, but I obviously don’t expect him to drop everything and fix the shader just for me. I just want to edit it. I’ve downloaded the pack on PC and it turns everything invisible. ESBE 2G is a shader pack for Bedrock platforms makes your world more beautiful works on both mobile and pc. This shader is better than CSPE and is free. Is there a possibility to make it slightly darker? Gorgeous! The one specifically named “Addons for Minecraft” by Kayen Works. I miss my shaders already. Is there a specific video setting that is causing the issue? Remaded the moon I had this on a different shaders but this one works so I recommend getting another shader , I’m on (MCPE) 1.12.1 and on iOS 13 beta and whenever I download it all my blocks are invisible , I have to use chrome cuz safari hates my iOS 13.1 Beta…. I have downloaded the shader, zipped it, and have unzipped it to a folder. Clearly you did something wrong…. People who make tall builds on good devices with high render distance and care about how those worlds look (which is the whole purpose of getting a shader) can and should point out and criticize the problem in hopes that it will get fixed. Ok I hope this works because this is about the tenth shader I downloaded today, Same. (i mean to be fair a shader this good deserves it) Nice work! Works fine on Android though. THIS IS SO COOL GUESS WHAT WHEN I GOT THIS AND PUT IT ON A WORLD A PINK SHEEP SPAWNED!!!!!!!!!!!! go ahead And Search Esbe 3g Then The First Site will That Esbe 3g, Very nice shader this is my most preferred shader for minecraft but there is only one problem the blindness effect makes my vision completely zero this makes the maps having blindness as an effect for some levels extremely hard even the bedwars trap makes u completely blind try and fix that pls i have no other complaints thanks for this great shader =D. Ive been using the 2.0 version of this back for a year now and I just found the newest version. It’s a really great shader. Im on w10 n i reckon me pc is a wee old n theres not even any lag. would have been great to have this with it but they patched it so I guess ill just use this on my realm. however, i’ll give credit where its due. And this is the only shader without dark slabs. this is a GREAT shader but please add player shadows! I’ve been looking for a good shader that I like and this is perfect. I’ll try to support after RenderDragon is added formally to Win10 or mobile . Your world will become much brighter, more beautiful and more enjoyable to play. This happens to me as well, it’s very annoying to see how smooth your game runs but watch the water flow at 1 fps. I haven’t had a shader like this ever in Bedrock edition. that happened to me. Thanks to ASOwnerYT for proofreading English :), snow biome leaves will /time set noon longer be detected as water, (more compatibility with other resource packs, (you can switch to texture render in pack setting, now leaves waves does not depend on the field of view, adjusted water of nether, the_end & swamp, ・added support to ((XBOX 1.13 unsupported.

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